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KX is extremely environmentally conscious and we proudly integrate it into our business model.

Print-On-Demand is our key to providing you with the best quality and service.

The majority of textile waste comes from garment manufacturers, for example an average of approximately 15% of fabric is wasted during the cutting process.

In 2018 the clothing industry produced about 380 billion m² of fabric.

If you consider that 15% of 380 billion is 57 billion, then you realize how big the problem really is.

In addition, there is also the textile waste from the overproduction of articles that were not bought.

With the implementation of POD, the articles are only produced when our customer orders them. Because your order comes directly from the factory to you, we deliberately shorten the transport route and minimize storage costs and textile waste.

We want to actively help to improve not only our process but also the living conditions of the people.

For this reason, we donate 10% of KX profits to MSF every month throughout the year.

Together with our community, we will make our planet greener. You can be a part of it!
KX supports One Tree Planted with every order, so 3 trees are planted by the non-profit organization.

Once you have at least one item in your shopping cart, you can make our planet a little bit greener!

Help us to make our earth a better place for all of us!

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